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Sahil S 


About Sahil 

Sahil has over seven years of valuation and financial modeling experience, serving both public and private companies in a variety of industries.


He serves early-stage start-ups, private equity, and insurance clients. He also has strong experience in transitioning and stabilizing the processes from onsite.


He has performed valuations for more than 300 privately held businesses for a variety of purposes including 409(A) compliance, gift tax, purchase price allocation, portfolios, and complex

Sahil engages with the financial modeling team and financial due diligence team and spearheads the operations for clients engaged in auditing, and transaction advisory services, and provides technical
support to clients as well as team members.

Before joining EquitAdvisors, he worked with Mindtree Ltd. where he was a manager and was responsible for setting up valuation practice. Sahil loves to travel. He is passionate about exploring new places and driving. He also loves to read and likes to unwind by listening to music.

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